If you know the names of the students on your team, please fill out this form. For each person coming to Ljubljana (not only for the students, but also for the team leader(s) and observers), this form must be filled out separately.

You have to tell us the number of your passport or ID card, and for the students also the date of birth. At the end you have to upload a photo of the person in portrait format (3:4) to appear on the EuPhO ID card. Before uploading the photo (.jpg or .png), rename the file according to these examples: for a student 4 from the country with the country code XYZ the name of the file should be: XYZ-S4.jpg (or XYZ-S4.png). For a team leader 1 the name should be: XYZ-L1.jpg, for the observer 3: XYZ-O3.jpg.

You should provide all data before May 8, 2022.